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History of Motocross, from Cycle World 1971

Coming soon: Clip ons designed, manufactured, and assembled in USA

Because I’m selfish, the first prototype will be 33mm to fit my GS450, but then we’ll do a run of whichever size gets the most votes in the poll by the end of March 2014.  With fast & free shipping of course.

33mm clipons

1985 MX Comparison Test: Can-Am 250MX LC vs Husqvarna 250CR vs KTM 250MX vs M-Star GM250 vs Kawasaki KX250

As printed in Cycle World, 1985.  Original in store

Barber Vintage Festival, 2013: Photos from The Swap Meet

The Swap Meet rivals the Museum as far as quantity of unique and rare motorcycles, minus the museum quality of course.

Barber Vintage Festival 2013, photos from THE BARBER MUSEUM

If this isn’t on your bucket list, it needs to be.  Pics are cool, but even walking through with a video camera wouldn’t give you the experience of being there.  You have to go in person so you can be one of the “first timers” like I was, whose mouth gapes open as soon as you walk in the door, and whose eyes double or triple in size.  Your hand reaches for your camera by instinct while your eyes are glued on all the machines and you just start clicking at everything, hoping to take some of it home with you.  Then you realize taking pictures is slowing you down so you only take pictures of “your favorites” but there are so many significant bikes here that they all become your favorite.  So now you don’t bother to make sure anything is in focus, you just throw your camera in different directions thinking that might be cool, in some artsy fartsy way.  It is absolutely amazing.

Even the restoration shop is drool worthy.  I wish you could read the white board I tried to get a picture of.  It was a to-do chart that read something like this:

Machine                        |                           Status

1919 Excelsior                        Research, disassemble

1974 Ducati SS                       Final Assembly, done

1924 Ace Four                        Research, engine reassembly

There were 4 slots, but I don’t remember what the fourth was.  By luck of the draw, and being in the right place at the right time, St. Brucie and I happened to meet Mr George Barber downstairs in the shop.  He’s the genius behind all this.  You can tell he gets as fired up about motorcycles as anyone does, and he’ll only hire people who harbor that same passion.  Thank you for what you’ve created, Mr. Barber!

I’ll shut up and post pictures now.

See you at the Barber Vintage Festival! October 11th thru 13th

Ye Olde Cycle Shoppe is a vendor at Barber Vintage Festival this year, and I’m super excited to be there!  We’re in vendor space K19 (wherever that is).  When you’re cruising the swap meet, please drop in and introduce yourself.  Our table will be weighed down with old road tests and ads ranging from 1948 to 1985.  Along with a whole stack of vintage motorcycle ads that aren’t posted on this site.

Also, I have an extra ticket to the event.  There’s only about a week before I leave for the event.  It would be fun to drum up some kind of contest for dibs on this extra ticket.  Any ideas?

1977 Maico WR 450 XC Cross Country road test

As printed in Cycle, 1977.  Original available here

1980 Maico 250 Mag-3 off road test

As printed in Cycle, 1980. Original copy available here

1975 Maico MD 250 road test

As printed in Cycle, 1975.   Original copy available here

1975 Enduro Test: Rokon 340RT, Penton 400, Maico 450, Husqvarna 400WR, Bultaco 360 Frontera

As printed in Motorcyclist, 1975.   Original copy available here

1976 Maico MC400-5 Motocross off road test

As published in Cycle Magazine, 1976

1979 Maico Magnum 450 off road test

As published in “Cycle” magazine, October 1979