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In my experience, vintage motorcycle nuts are among the most personable, likable people on the planet.  And getting to know Abhi from has only served to solidify that experience.  If you’ve never been to his site, I think the most concise way I can describe it is “”, but for motorcycles.  Only motorcycles.  And typically old, vintage, classic ones at that.  It’s a great place to spend your time, or even find that special project or restored bike you’ve been looking for.  If you’re like me, the more time you’re there, the worse the itch gets to buy another motorcycle.

At the end of every year the forces behind spit out a list of stats.  How many of you visited, what country you came from, who referred you, etc.  In 2015, was one of YOCS’s top referrers, sending more people here than even Wikipedia.  Pretty cool.

Abhi gets what I’m doing here and what the site is all about.  And I’m glad it has provided some value to him and his readers.  So I’ve created a link in the right sidebar that reciprocates back to Bike-urious.  Go check it out if you haven’t.  And if you have, you know you’ll be back.

Probably what I envy most about Abhi is he’s been able to hang out in Jay Leno’s Garage.  Every episode of Jay’s show convinces me I could spend years in there and never lose interest.  Here’s a link to the episode if you haven’t seen it yet.

abhi leno

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