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History of Motocross, from Cycle World 1971

Indian: The Cyclone Story – from Cycle World, 1970

When Indian and Harley-Davidson Reigned Supreme – Cycle World 1970

Indian Boardtrackers!

As printed in Cycle, 1980.  Not exactly a road test, but too cool not to share.  This article is available with the other road tests

Monday Morning Misc

1937 Indian Sport Four retrospective article

“The Wigwam” – Indian Motorcycle Factories, historic look

Bench Racing with Maldwyn Jones parts 4 thru 8

Indian Motorcycles’ 8-valve racers

Indian Motorcycles 40th Anniversary brochure

Indian Sport Scout retro article printed in the 80s

As published in “The Antique Motorcycle”, entitled “The Saga of the Sport Scout, part 2”.  I hope part 1 turns up eventually.

1949 Indian 220 road trip article

As printed in “The Antique Motorcycle”

1923 Indian TT500 Special article

As published in “The Antique Motorcycle”

1918 Indian ad 100 mile dirt track record

1915 Indian OHC article

As published in “The Antique Motorcycle” in the 1980’s


1913 Indian Cradle Spring Frame ad