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We have moved!

It’s been a chore, but the new site is ready for some brave beta-testers! will now direct you to the new site. Go check it out and let me know what you think. Email any time! The old site will still be available here at wordpress until June 2017, for anyone who needs to relink to articles, but there won’t be anything new from now on here.

So why the move? Capability mostly. I just couldn’t build what I wanted to on this platform. It involved too many redirects, sending you to other third party sites for just about anything besides reading the posted road tests.

What are my favorite things about the new platform, and why do I think you’ll like it? It’s still set up like a blog feed, but now you can click through each road test right from the main page. And everything is included on the main site, even shopping cart!

Old site = click the road test link you want to read, click the first page, wait for it to load, open each page in a new window in order to see it full size. New site = scroll or search to the road test you want to read, click next for each new page. Easy!

Old site = want to buy a hard copy of a road test for your collection? Hunt for link to ebay store (which doesn’t exist anymore anyway) and then go through the ebay process of finding the road test again and then purchase. And even then sometimes the one you’re looking for isn’t available anymore. New site = available hard copies right there on the site. Add to cart and checkout. Done.

Old site = looking for a cool t-shirt? Follow image link to outside t-shirt shop, find shirt, go through checkout process, click a bunch of back arrows or retype url to return to Ye Olde Cycle Shoppe. New site = T-shirts also available right on the site, and can be added to the same cart as road tests. Grab a shirt, a road test, and anything else cool you see to the same cart and checkout when you’re ready.

All this being said, I would love to get some feedback on the new site so we can iron out any kinks quickly, and I’d also love to hear any product ideas you’d like to see made available. Product Design is the world I live in professionally, so I’m itching to do some of that for Ye Olde Cycle Shoppe.

Thanks for being here, and may the “Braaap” be with you.

1971 Triumph T-120R Bonneville road test

1970 Rickman 8-Valve Triumph road test

1970 Triumph Trophy 500 road test

1970 Triumph 250 Trophy road test

FAQ: Does Ye Olde Cycle Shoppe sell gift cards?

It’s hard to know exactly what someone wants for a birthday or holiday.  Fortunately, even though we don’t have our own gift cards for sale, since we use multiple vendor channels for our products and road tests, there are a lot of options for gift cards which will likely fit your needs.  Here’s how it works:

T-shirts are sold mainly through our Spreadshirt store, here:   A Spreadshirt gift card can be purchased here:

Spreadshirt gift certificate

T-shirts are also available in our Zazzle store, which seems to have better shipping & currency options for non- U.S. customers, here:   A Zazzle gift card can be purchased here:

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We use our CafePress store for other items, like mugs, posters, mouse pads, garage wall peels, etc.  There are also a few t-shirts there:    You can find CafePress gift cards here:

cafe press gift

Road Tests and magazine articles are in our Ebay store, here:   This is also where I hock any motorcycle parts when I’m working on a project bike.  Ebay gift cards can be purchased here:

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Hopefully this helps everyone get what they want this year!

New product added in time for the holidays – 1968 British Motorcycle Ads wall peel

Perfect for the garage or shop.  Others to be added soon.  They’ll make a great collection

1968 Triumph Trident 750 road test

As printed in Cycle World, 1968.

1968 Triumph Bonneville “Street Metisse” road test

As printed in Cycle World, 1968.

Triumph Trophy TR5T / Speed Twin

Retrospective article from 1982.  Original copy available here

1981 Triumph 750 Bonneville road test

As printed in Cycle World, 1981.

1975 technical article: Dyno Testing the Muscle Bikes (750cc) – BSA, Eagle, Harley, Honda, Kawasaki, Norton, Royal Enfield, Suzuki, Triumph

As printed in Motorcycle Buyer’s Guide, 1975.   Original copy available here

Bikes tested were:

  • Triumph Trident
  • BSA Rocket 3
  • Honda 4 (CB750)
  • Kawasaki Mach III
  • Harley-Davidson Sportster
  • Norton Commando
  • American Eagle
  • Royal Enfield Interceptor
  • Suzuki Titan T500

Whatever Happened to England? 1975 Triumph Trident T-160 vs Norton Commando MKIII 850

As printed in Motorcyclist, 1975.   (Found the missing last page, thanks to Kerrin!)

1969 Triumph Tiger 650 road test

As published in Cycle magazine, 1969.  Original hard copy in the store

1969 Dunstall 750 Triumph road test

As published in Cycle magazine, 1969.

1966 Triumph Sports Tiger T100SC road test

As published in Cycle Magazine, 1966

1953 Triumph Twins intro to 5 new models

As published in The Motor Cycle magazine, 1952

1953 Triumph T100C technical test article

1913 Triumph ad