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We have moved!

It’s been a chore, but the new site is ready for some brave beta-testers! will now direct you to the new site. Go check it out and let me know what you think. Email any time! The old site will still be available here at wordpress until June 2017, for anyone who needs to relink to articles, but there won’t be anything new from now on here.

So why the move? Capability mostly. I just couldn’t build what I wanted to on this platform. It involved too many redirects, sending you to other third party sites for just about anything besides reading the posted road tests.

What are my favorite things about the new platform, and why do I think you’ll like it? It’s still set up like a blog feed, but now you can click through each road test right from the main page. And everything is included on the main site, even shopping cart!

Old site = click the road test link you want to read, click the first page, wait for it to load, open each page in a new window in order to see it full size. New site = scroll or search to the road test you want to read, click next for each new page. Easy!

Old site = want to buy a hard copy of a road test for your collection? Hunt for link to ebay store (which doesn’t exist anymore anyway) and then go through the ebay process of finding the road test again and then purchase. And even then sometimes the one you’re looking for isn’t available anymore. New site = available hard copies right there on the site. Add to cart and checkout. Done.

Old site = looking for a cool t-shirt? Follow image link to outside t-shirt shop, find shirt, go through checkout process, click a bunch of back arrows or retype url to return to Ye Olde Cycle Shoppe. New site = T-shirts also available right on the site, and can be added to the same cart as road tests. Grab a shirt, a road test, and anything else cool you see to the same cart and checkout when you’re ready.

All this being said, I would love to get some feedback on the new site so we can iron out any kinks quickly, and I’d also love to hear any product ideas you’d like to see made available. Product Design is the world I live in professionally, so I’m itching to do some of that for Ye Olde Cycle Shoppe.

Thanks for being here, and may the “Braaap” be with you.

Ye Olde Cycle Shoppe is moving…

It may look like not much new has happened here in a while, but behind the scenes there is a lot going on. I have been searching for the right solution to this site, in order to make it more “complete”. Easier to use, nicer to look at, simpler to get what you want – without redirects, constant opening of new windows, resizing of images, etc.

What I’m working on now is really cool, and I think you’ll like it. I do. Especially when it comes to cruising through road tests on an iPad. Best airport reading material ever!

But in order to do it, the whole site has to be migrated to a new platform. Effectively redesigning the whole shebang. A huge undertaking, but it will be worth it. I hope to have the new site available at by the end of 2016, but I will also leave the wordpress content up until June, 2017, in order to keep links active as long as possible. I know there are a lot of forums out there that will have broken links because of this, so I’m hoping to overlap long enough that they’re fixable.

Anyway, just an update and a heads up. Thanks for making this website such a fun project to work on – BRAAAAP!

Send Bike-urious some love

In my experience, vintage motorcycle nuts are among the most personable, likable people on the planet.  And getting to know Abhi from has only served to solidify that experience.  If you’ve never been to his site, I think the most concise way I can describe it is “”, but for motorcycles.  Only motorcycles.  And typically old, vintage, classic ones at that.  It’s a great place to spend your time, or even find that special project or restored bike you’ve been looking for.  If you’re like me, the more time you’re there, the worse the itch gets to buy another motorcycle.

At the end of every year the forces behind spit out a list of stats.  How many of you visited, what country you came from, who referred you, etc.  In 2015, was one of YOCS’s top referrers, sending more people here than even Wikipedia.  Pretty cool.

Abhi gets what I’m doing here and what the site is all about.  And I’m glad it has provided some value to him and his readers.  So I’ve created a link in the right sidebar that reciprocates back to Bike-urious.  Go check it out if you haven’t.  And if you have, you know you’ll be back.

Probably what I envy most about Abhi is he’s been able to hang out in Jay Leno’s Garage.  Every episode of Jay’s show convinces me I could spend years in there and never lose interest.  Here’s a link to the episode if you haven’t seen it yet.

abhi leno

Kenny Roberts – Conversation With The King – 1978

1971 Dunecycle dirt test

1968 Sears SR 250 road test

As printed in Cycle World, 1968.

Boardtrack racing in Germany

I want to play!

Ye Olde Cycle Shoppe’s T-shirts are being featured on CafePress right now.

Apparently they like the ’69 Honda CB750.  By the way, 8 or so new t-shirts have been added this week to Spreadshirt also.

Colorado Grand 2013 Rally passes through my home town

I know, they’re not motorcycles, but this is one of the coolest things I’ve been able to witness.  I just happened to be in the right place at the right time when the Colorado Grand 2013 Rally cruised through my little town of Cedaredge, CO.  There are museums without this much history.  Even Jay Leno’s garage doesn’t have all this.  Pebble Beach may see the same cars, but they didn’t drive there.   I am sure nothing will beat this until Barber Vintage Fest in October.

Allow pictures and video to do the rest of the talking:

Original copies of these road tests available on ebay

After trying out a few other venues, I am returning to eBay with the originals of all these road tests.  Over time I will update all of the “get them here” links with the new (old) location.  You can see what’s available as I add them back at  Before too long I will also add a link on the right sidebar to the store.  

“And thanks for your support”


New T-shirt design to kick off 2013 – Vintage Cafe Racer “on the lean”

Just added these to the T-shirt shop this morning, and ordered myself a couple.  Rear view of the rider is printed on the backside of the shirt.  All that’s missing is the “BRAAAP!”  soundtrack.

Brap rear for blog

new tshirt design

Ye Olde Cycle Shoppe gift card options

I’ve had questions about gift cards for the site, which caught me off guard, but only makes sense this time of year.  Sorry I didn’t think of this sooner, but if you’re still hunting for last minute Christmas gifts for a vintage motorcycle nut, this may help you finish your list.

Spreadshirt and Cafe Press both have gift cards / vouchers that you can buy.  These are the vendors I use for T-shirts & Swag.  A gift certificate through either of them can get you any of Ye Olde Cycle Shoppe’s products or anything else on their marketplaces.

Links to buy gift cards / vouchers:

Spreadshirt Link

Cafe Press Link

Family Sidecar tripping?

I had to post this picture I found in an old AMA ad while going through these old magazines.  The tag line was “We make biking better for everybody”.  Here we have a mom on the bike with 2 kids in the sidecar riding tandem.  Also notice the smaller child in front is holding on to the fender with his fingers curled under it.  Man, you’d get sued for child abuse doing this today in our bubble wrap world of airbags in our seatbelts and cars that drive themselves.  But I bet those kids have much more interesting stories to tell than our kids do.

TC Bank Dream Rangers (Video)

If this video doesn’t bring a tear to your eye and at the same time make you want to get on your bike right now, you need to check your pulse.

What’s with the new gallery view?

You may have noticed in the last few posts that when you click on an image you go to a gallery now instead of the full size image. There are a couple reasons for this:

It makes posting a lot easier and quicker for me, which means I can get more info to you.

I also thought it would be convenient to flip through the pages instead of clicking the back button all the time.

You can still see the full readable size by right clicking on a pic and selecting “view image”.

Please leave feedback on this feature if you love it or hate it,

1953 Cyclemaster 32cc road test

As published in The Motor Cycle magazine, 1952

1952 VeloSolex 45cd road test

As published in The Motor Cycle magazine, 1952

Miscellaneous Monday

Thank you 2011, prepare for 2012 information overload

This little project of mine has only been public for about 4 months now. Since beginning in September 2011, Ye Olde Cycle Shoppe’s readership has doubled each month and it has been fun to see what you’re searching for.

As a matter of resolution in 2012, I would like to focus The Shoppe on posting the good stuff, and providing more of what you’re looking for. Of the top 5 searches on the site in 2011, three were for specific road tests. Makes sense to me. That’s what I would be looking for also, since that’s where the meat is, and it’s really the reason I started this whole thing.

So, unless I hear violent protests otherwise, Ye Olde Cycle Shoppe will post only road tests this year, and ignore for the most part the advertisement pages. Unless they’re really cool, and can be used for Miscellaneous Mondays.

Get ready for vintage motorcycle road test information overload! This is going to be fun!

-Zack Loucks (Slow Poke)

Riding MotorBroncos to Victory – a fun article from the 1930’s all about hillclimbing